Designing The Blue Warrior Damascus Steel Straight Razor

The Blue Warrior Damascus Steel straight razor actually came about due to a piece of olive wood that had a huge knot on it. I couldn’t use it for one of my classic damascus steel razors so I had to figure something else out!

I had some Blue and Goldpigment laying around and decided to try to fill in the knot with some sort of acrylic blend with the pigment.

It took me 3 tries, but I finally got it to where I liked it!

Then came the blade. I knew it had to be just as interesting as the scales, but not too interesting to where the blade over powered the scales.

I went with a tail that was curved and contoured, Damascus steel, and a 6/8ths width.

The Final Details:
1095 and 15n20 Damascus Steel
Pigment filled Olivewood
White Acrylic Wedge
Triple Pinned – Customizable
Brass Washers
6/8ths Width – Customizable
Barber’s Notch – Customizable

The final product was more than I thought would come from a knot in a piece of olive wood!

What’s your favorite kind of wood?