Financing Options:

I offer financing on my all of my razors, the razor will be placed in queue to be made according to the shipping times on the shipping page after you have placed your initial payment. It will be sent once your payments have been completed or the shpiping time frame, it won’t be send before the shipping time frame. My payment terms are 2 to 6 months long (I can provide a longer plan if requested), I don’t charge interest, and no credit check. I do charge a 6% set up fee. To use this, just click on the payment plan you’ve chosen underneath your razor of choice!

I can offer longer payment plans if you’d like, just inquire first.


If you choose a payment plan and fail to make all of the payments, I will make 2 attempts to reach out for payment, before auto billing if enabled, if it’s not enabled, I will make 2 attempts to reach out for payment. After the 2nd attempt, you’ll have 1 week to pay before your razor is reclaimed by me and all monies paid up to that point forfeit.

There is another way to gain financing as well, you can use PayPal BillmeLater (For US customers only). They offer longer payments terms, and have promotional offers with no APR. Their standard APR is 19.99%. If you want to use this option, just proceed through checkout with PayPal and you’ll have the option to use BillmeLater. Once approved you’ll complete your check out. 

You can click the banner below for more information.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.