Machine’s Nightmare Damascus Steel Straight Razor

This razor was really fun. I got to add in any artistic elements I wanted while still keeping with the theme which was:

Make it look bad@$$.

I went with a very carved out style since the new owner is a machinist, he didn’t want a cookie cutter design, and I wanted it to represent that it couldn’t be made by a machine.

I picked kirinite scales with grey and orange influences, copper and brass on the spine and tang, with a very agressive stance.

The point is a modified square. At almost full hollow, this blade is a bad beast.

Check it out:





One thought on “Machine’s Nightmare Damascus Steel Straight Razor

  1. Jesse Wolven says:

    I must say I do really enjoy seeing this one, probably in my top 5 of the ones you made, love the look, the stance, the curves, even the color to this one.

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