What you want, is what you get. – Jacob Ray

I’ve always had a passion for working with my hands to make functional, and beautiful art. I started designing little trinkets with metal when I was in junior high school, I would make animals, or people, out of metal wire and sell them. In high school I would make random metal pieces for people or myself, I always hoped, but wasn’t sure it’d ever become a career for me.

I went to school for graphic design, which definitely helps when I’m sketching and trying to decide that would look best. I will never forget the day one of my professors said “if it functions, it’s not art.” I wholeheartedly disagreed, I believe that something can be beautiful, and functional! After school I took random jobs here and there, never really finding anything I enjoyed, until I found work in auto body and metal crafting to restore vintage cars. Finally, I’d found something I liked, that would allow me to use my hands, and be creative! However, there was something missing, I just couldn’t figure out what.

One day, I went into my garage with a piece of spring steel, an angle grinder, and some files. I had decided that I was going to make a knife, because, why not? Several hours later, I had a functional, albeit, not the most beautiful, knife. I made it! I can’t describe the feeling, but that something I was looking for, was finally filled. I kept tweaking the design and finally decided to list it on Etsy. It sold in 4 hours, wow! I couldn’t believe it! Someone wanted something I made, and so quickly. I was hooked.

I continued to make knives, without even thinking about straight razors for a year, I was working on vintage cars during the day and knives at night. One day, one of my customers asked if I could make some straight razors for his groomsmen for his wedding. Why not? I said yes and was ready for a challenge! So I made them, looking back now, there are many things I would’ve changed, but for the first time, I was happy. I loved working with straight razors, it was like a friction folder, but more precise and with a wicked shave ready edge. I started listing them on Etsy and people liked them! I was excited that I could make, functional art in the shaving community. I started gravitating toward straight razors, which led to my first commission, I remember thinking “wow, what did I get myself into?” It ended up looking great, and functioning really well. They loved it, and I loved making it. I decided to try to make this work as a full time job, in September of 2014 I became a full time custom straight razor maker. What an honor!

Now, every day I get to create people’s dreams for a straight razor that they can hand down to their kids, and their kids can then hand down again. I craft them as heirloom pieces for generations!

Everything you see is handcrafted, from soap to razors! You won’t be disappointed, and you’re supporting a small business, and that means more than you’ll ever know!

Anyway, that’s all for now. I look forward to crafting for you!