The Original: Custom Straight Razor

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You know what you want

You get to design every aspect of this custom straight razor, from the steel, to handle, and everything in between; it’s your choice. If you’d like an XL monster razor with black oak and your initials carved into the handle – can do. If you want a 5/8th standard razor in Damascus steel with your birthday on it – can do too. Whatever you create for this razor, rest assured, there will be none like it.  Pass this heirloom down for generations.

After you’ve purchased, I’ll email or call you to discuss your design!

  • 100% Handmade
  • 100% your choice
  • You approve a sketch before I start
  • We go over materials as well
  • You pick wedge or no wedge
  • Brass or Aluminum Pin
  • You pick the Steel – (Damascus, O1, or AEB-L)
  • Point Options
  • You Pick the Width and Length
  • Honed and Stropped Before Shipping
  • Hardened to 64 HRC
  • Choose your grind

Financing is available.

Available to craft

    • 85 $

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