Luxe Best Badger Brush


Luxe Best Badger Brush

One of the best parts of a shave is the lather. You have your face prepped with pre-shave oil, you’ve got your brush and soap ready and now it’s time to lather. There are many different ways to lather, but one result; a great shave. This brush uses best badger hair which is soft to not irritate your skin, but has enough backbone to create great lather quickly! You’ll love the rubberized handle which not only provides a sleek look to your countertop, it also grips extremely well. No more loosing your brush in the sink or hoping it doesn’t slide out of your hands. Badger hair does have a slight odor to it when it arrives, as you shave this will dissipate quickly, it’s just a part of the process, happy shaving!



Best Badger Hair

22mm Knot

Available to craft

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